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16 January 2013

Just Dance Disney Party *Review*

Getting fit and having fun is the perfect combination and Just Dance Disney Party provides just that. While the Mini Mes get to dance along to their favourite songs from a variety of Disney shows and movies, I get to burn off some calories (which you can track) having a boogie with Wii remote to hand!

The game is suitable for ages 3 and over so the entire family enjoy it. With 25 songs from movie classics including Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Tangled plus tunes from Disney's latest shows like Hannah Montana and Jessie there is something for both old and young to appreciate.

Beautiful costumes from Rubies
The choreography, which includes all new duets where you can select which character you wish to copy, is easy to follow with next move icons displayed in the bottom corner of the screen. The more correct moves you make the higher your score will be and there are even gold moves for extra points too. 
You can play individually or together as a team and try the different modes for added variety which include Freeze & Shake and Balloon Pop .

The graphics are fantastic and are brought to life with immersive visual effects and the environments from the actual movie or show you are dancing along to. The game is very easy to navigate and we were really impressed!

You can create your own custom playlist or select from the ones available and there is the option to put on Non-Stop Shuffle for a dance timing of your choice; 15, 30, 60, 120 minutes. There are options to have certain songs play in alternative languages and with the lyrics scrolling at the bottom you can sing along and learn the words as you dance too.

In the main menu there is a Parents section where you can track game stats, progress, medals and read health tips - I found this really useful to see what calories I had burnt and to check how long the Mini Mes had been playing.

The game was fun, with a nice variety of songs including the Mini Mes favourites (and mine) and there were dances of different pace and difficulty to suit every ability. The calorie tracker was greatly appreciated by me trying to lose weight! I would recommend this for Disney fans and also for parents trying to get fit as it doesn't feel like exercise but helps to shred unwanted weight. It could do with some songs from Toy Story for Jamster but he still loved the game and dressing up to play regardless of that.

You can buy your own copy from Amazon


The beautiful costumes that we received were from Rubies. They were great quality and a comfortable fit - the Mini Mes have worn these many times since receiving them already.
You can purchase the costumes here:

*We were sent Just Dance Disney Party and 2 costumes for the purpose of this review. The opinions given are honest and our own*


  1. Looks fun. Might come in very handy if the weather turns just wet (just in time for the long summer holiday!)

  2. This looks like something that could keep the whole family entertained!

  3. I rarely type but I'm totally cheering for this young ballerina, She has a way to go, I smiled throughout as I am also attending dance classes, I get worn out at the end because this is the first time I have attended anything outside of City College.
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  4. been looking for a xmas pressie for my niece and i think she would love this!


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