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12 February 2013

That's My Hero

"He is my hero because he has a big car with gadgets and stuff and it can fly. His car is actually like a flying ship.
He saves people sometimes if his leg and back aren't poorly but he can't really help that can he. 
He wears lots of black so people can't see him on dark nights. A bit like cool camouflage.
He goes to parties and has a nice house and the girls love him because he has big muscles.
He talks like this *does deep croaky voiced impression*"

Yep, that pretty much sums up Batman!
Jamster's latest hero and a super one at that.

The Dark Knight Rises seems to be played daily quite frequently here and I am tortured* by it endlessly.

*Tortured in terms of requiring tissues to wipe my drool over Christian Bale and Tom Hardy.

Who is your child's hero?

This post is an entry into theTots100 MoneySupermarket That’s My Hero competition.


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