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12 February 2013

The funny things kids say...

This week the Mini Mes have said a few things that have made me smirk, giggle and cringe too, as kids do. Luckily nothing too insulting to others or out in public however so I have survived quite nicely without huge embarrassment!

Jamster: You know the PPI adverts mum?
Me: Yes, what about them?
Jamster: Did you know PPI backwards is I P P (I pee pee). *giggles*


Minxy: Are Always pads like nappies for grown ups? *laughs hysterically* I can't believe ladies wee their pants!

Jamster wanted to play with Minxy but she was adamant that he would not be going in her room...

Me: Aww Minxy, be nice to Jamster and let him play with you too.
Minxy: OK then mum. But I'll only be nice for an hour. I'll set my timer.


Have your little ones said anything entertaining this week?

Wot So Funee?


  1. I shall set a timer for GG to be nice - I bet that will actually work!

  2. Our kitchen timer saved no end of "but it's my turn" rows in our house!

  3. One hour of being nice and that's it! Ahh, made me giggle x

  4. Hehe the I P P one made me chuckle a lot!

  5. Love the *laughs hysterically* can just hear it :)) xx

  6. you can't beat the thing's kid's come out with


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