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12 March 2013

My Mother's Day that was... crafts, shopping and pizza

I'd hoped for a bit of a lay in but the excited Mini Mes first burst into my bedroom at 7.59 on Sunday with lovely homemade goodies and then again a few minutes later with gifts they had purchased with the help of the Mr. I really like the things they make for me, they are from the heart, and I like to pop them away in their memory boxes for them to see when they are older. It's nice to look back in years to come and see how their skills have developed and remember good times.
The Mini Mes had taken our Yellow Moon delivery to their rooms the day previous to make me some gifts secretly, I was told to stay downstairs, and as only glue was required I didn't object to having some peace and quiet! Minxy coloured in 1 of 4 lovely mum pop up card for me which came complete with envelope and made a pretty pink best mum rosette style badge which she said she had found easy to do without my help. Both she and Jamster had a go at some scratch art hearts and wrote little messages to me with the wooden sticks supplied. This is a simple craft and as magnets can be attached to the back they will be popped on the fridge soon with some photos inside the centre - A lovely personalised keepsake. Jamster had also made a teapot trinket box and decorated it with foam stickers. He said it is to store all of my pens in and wedding rings when I get married!
Next we had a lovely breakfast at Wetherspoons and met up with my sister, her boyfriend and my parents, as a surprise for my mum, for a little retail therapy... although she ended up treating me to new lingerie and some nice bits from Lush too! In the evening we headed to Pizza Hut for dinner where the Mr and I shared a Meat Feast and the Mini Mes had pizza and unlimited access to the ice cream factory.

Smiles all round.


Did you enjoy Mother's Day?



  1. Sounds like a perfect day!

  2. Loving your pink tea pot mug and lovely chalk messages.

  3. Love the teapot, what a great set.
    Mine absolutely love meals in Pizza Hut too ;)) x


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