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12 March 2013

The funny things kids say and do...

Quite often while I'm preparing dinner the Mini Mes will play in their rooms and the games that they make up remind me of the ones I used to play as a child (eek that makes me feel old!). Teaching is a favourite of Minxy's and I will find her notebooks filled with registers that she has made for her class, lesson lists and menus for the dinner hall. There are often bits stuck to the wall or her door saying to be quiet as exams are in progress and she will even put on black trousers and a white blouse and carry a briefcase to look the part!
The other evening she had decided to gather all of her pupils under the window, apparently the school heating wasn't working so it was warmer there, and teach them maths...

She does all of this despite telling me that she really hates school... hmm!

Wot So Funee?


  1. Erm, miss? I'm stuck!
    She is properly clever! And enthusiastic. I'm a bit scared ;)

  2. Oh my gosh i was looking at that a lot closer, she's so smart!!

  3. Great she may have to teach me how to work out her problem - bright girl! X

  4. I used to love playing teachers! I still have my old register lists too.

  5. As my mum is a maths teacher I always played school, too...So, off from school for summer holidays I was taking my books, go outside or somewhere nobody would see me and "teach" invisible kids...Ah, good times!

  6. I can remember doing this as a little girl, I even asked for a whiteboard for my birthday one year so I could do it properly!!

    That said, I don't think I could answer that question!!


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