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22 May 2013

Summer Bucket List

It won't be long until the summer holidays are here so like previous years we have created our bucket list; things we want to do before the Mini Mes return to school in September.
It's a great way to work out in advance how much trips will cost and to plan your activities around the weather forecast. It ensures the Mini Mes are kept busy and happy for the full 6 weeks so there are no (or few) tears and tantrums!
Summer 2012
2013 Bucket List

A day at the seaside
Play croquet
Kite flying
Strawberry picking
Lollibop festival
Bike rides with picnics
Gruffalo wood
Go on a ferry
Water park
Balloon festival
Thorpe Park
Country park
Badby Woods
Stanwick Lakes
Visit Ducksford, Shoe and History museums
Stoke Bruerne Canals
Make a womery
Make an ant farm
Chessington World of Adventure
Something for charity
Last year we managed to do quite a lot of the things on our list but I'm hoping this year we manage to do everything! We will be scrap-booking along the way to record the activities and as lovely keepsake for the memory boxes too.
What is on your summer bucket list?


  1. You can see mine on my blog :) you should link your list up on the bucket list party on my little wonder days! Link is at the bottom of my post xxx

  2. great list! im hoping to have a few days out this summer as we cant afford a holiday :( i just signed up for a card that gets me lots of discounts in my local area

    1. Thanks - I shall keep my eyes open for discounts too! x

  3. I do something similar. I find the years that I don't have some sort of plan, we just don't seem to do as much and the end of summer rolls around and I end up depressed because we missed so much.

    You have a great list. We're planning on hitting the zoo, the science center (two different ones, likely), some spray parks AND bowling. And chuck e cheese (not my choice, but during the week day, it's really not too bad and the kids adore it).

    1. Sounds like you have some great ideas already too, I hope you get to do lots :) x

  4. I'll be doing a bucket list again, too! I can't afford a holiday though, maybe a few days out and deffo picnics and the beach as we live by the seaside. I love your list, I hope you get to do most (if not all) of the things :) x

    1. Thanks Sarah, living by the seaside must be lovely this time of year x

  5. Great list, I'd love to be able to take my boys to some of those places!.
    I've made a list one for the first time this year and I'm running a Summer Bucket list linky and pinterest board up if you fancy joining me xxx

    1. You are welcome to pin this :) I'll pop over to your blog to link up - thanks x

  6. My kids would love it I added go zorbing and crabbing, fun! We've never finished our bucket list either, but we have a good time trying. Thanks for linking up to the summer bucket list party! I love your blog name too!

  7. I did one last year - must start thinking about it again x

  8. Jane Middleton23/05/2013, 22:39

    Go powerboating in London

  9. hoping to go to science museum as has been a while since we last visited.

  10. What a great idea to have a summer bucket list, we're trying to do a family day out a month this year so a good few of these are on our list at the moment too!

  11. Sounds like an AMAZING summer! I remember how much fun having an ant farm was when I was a kid!

  12. Must start mine and add the things we didn't complete last year! Xx

  13. Great list! I used some ideas from your list for my survival/bucket list for summer!


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