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21 May 2013

The Funny Things Kids Say and Do

I know when the Mini Mes are up to something as I can hear their giggles a mile away!

Luckily I saw the trainers that were placed above Jamster's door this morning before opening it.

He and Minxy have been playing little tricks on each other for a few weeks now and this is the latest idea - although I don't know how he manages to reach up there to line up his shoes, books and Moshi Monsters. I think he must use his cabin bed to his advantage on this one!

Some of our conversations from the week....

Minxy: I can't believe you remember my friends name mum, you haven't seen her in ages.
Me: It hasn't been that long Minxy.
Minxy: Well you are getting old now so I didn't think your memory would be working.



Jamster: Can we go and milk the lambs now please?
Me: We can feed the lambs milk if that's what you mean?
Jamster: Doh! I think I'm going crazy mum.


What has made you laugh this week?

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  1. My children make me laugh everyday! They have such creative imaginations! Yesterday on our school run we were all "Magical Pirates" {was such fun!} and on saying goodbye to them at the school gates Ellie shouts "SWORDS UP" {instead of a goodbye} and Jacob and I had to put our swords up in unison! lol!

    Gotta love those little imaginations eh! x

  2. Hehe poor little lambs would have got a surprise if you'd tried milking them! :) i really want to go feed the lambs milk!

  3. I love the practical jokes - you must all have so much fun. They're very good at ageing us before our time aren't they. Once when I was a scouting leader, one of the little darlings asked me if I remembered the war!!!!! Great post x

  4. ha! I love it when they can laugh at themselves too. Mine haven't started with practical jokes yet - can't wait for that to kick in!

  5. Ha ha brilliant, I love the shoes on the the door.

  6. Crafty little ones! Where there's a will there's a way when practical jokes are concerned! My son likes to tell me repeatedly how oooooollldd we are. Cheeky little things.

  7. I used to love playing tricks

  8. How funny - milking the lambs. Ours is only a toddler but I love what she comes out with :)

  9. I'd like to know how he got his trainers to balance up there too! I was always useless at playing tricks on my brother and sister :o)

    Love the idea of milking the lambs too, they'd be in for a surprise!

  10. That's one I'll have to watch out for, trainers above the door. So funny the stuff they come out with!

  11. hahahahaha, i love how they think we'e ancient!! good job the trainers were easy to spot :)

  12. My oldest loves to remind me how old I am! I'm glad my boys haven't worked out how to get shoes on the door... They just like to hide and jump out at me...! #wotsofunee


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