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09 September 2013

2013 Solutions to an Ageing Population

New types of homes
The traditional retirement home rustle up in our minds isn’t a fantastic place. Constantly under scrutiny from
the media, they are described as dull places, ignorant of the individual’s needs. This has now birthed the retirement village. While a change in suffix may not seem like a monumental change, the connotations are significant. Retirement villages concentrate on having activity packed stays in their locations, with a heavy emphasis on the needs of an individual, clearing away the thoughts of those glum, old places that no one wants to be in.
Places like ExtraCare offer retirement schemes in award-winning environments all over the UK, especially the midlands and the north.

Breaking the stigma
One of the big things changing over recent years is the stigma the rest of Britain has about elderly people. Generations are shifting and that means we have a new and technically younger, but older group of elderly people, they all have different needs and cultural backgrounds to what we’re used to, which is why older retirement homes seem less interesting now. Elderly people have the same interest in sports, arts and entertainment that young people do, and it’s important not to look over that.

How to pay for these higher quality homes
There is a sense of getting what you pay for when it comes to higher quality retirement homes. Prices are bound to match the rise in quality, but how are people expected to afford it? This is an especially delicate issue after the dints that state pension have taken over the past couple of years. While they are currently government talks about this issue, the only foreseeable solution in the immediate future is for those in private pensions, or a need for a higher involvement from younger members in the family.

Are you saving for your future?

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