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23 September 2013

Bento Boxes - Puzzles and Pieces

Making food fun for the Mini Mes is something I love to do and it often encourages them eat more and try new things without kicking up a fuss! I've done complete themed lunches (which will be returning for Halloween and Christmas) but there are days when I just like to make mealtimes slightly more appealing with cutters and food picks. Opening their lunchboxes at school should be fun!

Puzzles and Pieces

Their lunches consist of sandwiches shaped with a jigsaw cutter
Cheese also shaped with a jigsaw cutter
Grapes on animal themed picks
Mini cookie pieces
Satsuma pieces
Noughts and Crosses crisps
(I also added in a yogurt and fruit juice)

Very little effort or expense is required to make food just a tiny bit more exciting.
It doesn't take many more minutes to create either.

What was in your child's lunch today?



  1. Im not even going to admit what was in my child's lunch today! These are so cute I bet your girls loved them :)

  2. This jigsaw cutter is so cool, I want it for my sandwiches!! x


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