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15 October 2013

Insulting Mum

If the kids aren't playing nicely or picking on one another I am their victim.
I'll admit that I'm quite daft and lack common sense at times but this seems to have made me their object of ridicule. The joy.

As the weather cools my back starts to play up from time to time, especially first thing in the morning.
I came down the stairs and into the lounge bent over slightly on Friday...

Jamster: Are you alright mum?
Me: Yes thanks, I've just got a sore back today.
Jamster: Have you hurt it? Or is it because you are just getting really old now?

Thanks son. I'm not a morning person as it is!


When making the dinner at the weekend, with Minxy as my assistant, I needed to remove a tray from the cooker...

Me: Do you know where the oven gloves are, I can't see where I've put them.
Minxy: Have you tried looking over your shoulder?
Me: Oh yes, there they are!
Minxy: Can you see what I have to deal with! *Rolls eyes*

Cheers love! But I guess I was asking for that one.


While watching the X-Factor I do get a little carried away when the singers that I like find attractive get through...

Me: Yessssss!!
Jamster: You only usually get that excited when you go to Ikea mum!

Well, I do LOVE Ikea!


I also found this cheeky little note left on a Christmas catalogue of mine from Jamster...

It did make me giggle.

Do you get insulted by your children too?

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  1. He he! Nothing like kids to bring you down to earth :) I get quite excited by IKEA too...! #wotsofunee

  2. hahaha! Yep Mine insult me

    1. Hopefully it won't last til their teens though hehe x

  3. Hilarious and that card is particularly pertinent! Love that IKEA reference :)

  4. would seem that we are all fair game!

  5. Way to make sure your Mum doesn't feel like buyin gyou any christmas gifts!


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