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14 October 2013

Who Do You Trust?

I remember how delicate and precious my newborns were like it was yesterday, even though my youngest is fast approaching his 8th birthday. Looking back I think of how special it was to have their tiny hands wrapped around my finger while I admired such a miracle, fell in love with their little gummy smiles and created such strong bonds. 
I definitely miss those magical moments. 

I never really had any offers of a babysitter back then despite the sleepless nights and lack of a social life, but even if I had been given the opportunity to have a night off, a child free evening, I wouldn't have accepted. I didn't want to miss out on anything and I felt it my duty to protect them and to be there at all times. I was scared that something may happen if I wasn't there 24/7 and it would appear I'm not the only mum that thinks this way from looking at the results of a recent study. 

55% of mums don't trust anyone to look after their baby. This often includes partners, mother-in-laws and best friends too. As many as 1 in 5 cancel a well deserved night away from parenting duties to be with their child and nearly half of mums that do get to go out leave early to return home.

I didn't have a night out at all until Minxy was 2 and Jamster was just a few weeks old and I was still worried then even though they were just with their dad. I just couldn't enjoy myself fully.
Now that I'm a little older. and hopefully wiser, I'm still quite wary about who has the children and where they go but I have relaxed quite a lot. For their benefit as well as mine. 

I think if the day came when I did have another baby (the Mr still can't be convinced) I would be able to be slightly more open for others to be hands on and help though. I think I would appreciate the rest and be less worried having two children already who have taught me so much as a mum. 

When did you have your first night out after giving birth?
Who are you able to trust with your child?

*Research conducted between 4th September and 11th September by One Poll with 1000 mums taking part


  1. I had my first night out after having my youngest when she was about 4 months old....Was only out for about 2 hours and I hated every I wanted to be back with my baby....My fellas brother and sister in law looked after my girls and they were perfect babysitters but I still worried....
    Now if my fella and I go out they stay with my niece and her family....I don't worry as much

  2. My first night out was when Scarlett was about 18months. I really needed the break though so it was nice to have a night off. I still checked home every now and again but I enjoyed the break in routine. She's only ever stayed out at night twice though, I don't like her staying out as she's not a brilliant sleeper and I don't like the thought of her being out somewhere else and upset x

  3. My mum has had James a few times now and the first time was he was about 3 months old - just a night out. I got a bit squiffy and the hangover was impressive since it was the first time drinking in well over a year! (I expressed milk and he was on formula too FYI). My mum is the only one I can trust with James as both my MILs have bad backs and health problems. It's hard knowing who to trust from a "who will cope?" angle. I'd trust all my friends with children, but they're not likely to be able to come over and sit in your house with your kid asleep upstairs. It's really hard to find someone. There should be a professional service to call and they despatch a babysitter. The Mary Poppins institute of babysitters maybe?

  4. Mine was even worse the trust factor was replaced by a fear people would not want to put up with my twins and it would be too much so it was over a year and it was a friend who insisted,people would offer to take one but that made the sibling fret and I had a worse time.


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