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14 May 2014

Up Close and Personal


His wet, delicate nose twitches and his tongue pokes out from between his teeth, as he sits on the cool leather and awaits the day's deliveries.
He knows they will come, they always do, and he will be ready to bark and pounce on anything that gets within reach. That much is true.
His tail waves back and forth like a snake and his ears raise at every passer by and cat, dog or bird that meets his eye.

He sees a shoe approach the path.
He hears footsteps too.
He rises onto all fours and stands on the armrest for a better look with an inquisitive stare.
The red jacket and bag is recognised and he knows his opportunity is there.

He runs to the door, sliding across the tiles like Bambi on ice, to claim the mail as his own chew toy. He also longs to lick the poor postman to death, with the tongue he loves to deploy.
He attempts to run back to alert me of my visitor, but then paws at the handle hoping to get a peek at what excitement lurks behind his barrier.

I gather my mail from the wire tray and return to my seat.
He sits proudly at my feet, in hope of a treat, thinking his job here is complete...

Until the courier arrives and he begins to repeat!


*** The Mini Mes and Me have been shortlisted in the Family category of the BiB awards! ***
Many thanks for everyone that nominated us  - we would really appreciate your vote to help us get to the final too.

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  1. Amazing details =) #TheGallery

  2. Lovely piece of prose. We have a very similar dog at home....those poor postmen lol!

  3. Gorgeous photo and lovely piece of writing :)

  4. Awww cute doggy! I really stared into your picture at all his whiskers! Love the little tongue sticking out!

  5. awh bless he is so lovely, what is it about dogs and the postie :) x

  6. I think someone has been using her new camera! Fantastic photo x

  7. Emma this is such a fab piece of prose, I love it - and that photo is beautiful. Such descriptive writing. It never ceases to make me feel good when another creative person links to Prose for Thought - thank you :) x


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