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29 September 2014

Family Favourites - Food and Drink

Lots of goodies pass my lips each day, probably a little too many in fact, but with so many delicious products coming to my door it's no surprise that I like to indulge and sample a few. As do the Mr and Mini Mes.

Here are some recent arrivals that have been really popular with us as a family; you might want to add some into your shopping trolley...

I Mune Nurture Drinks
The strawberry and cherry flavour was well loved by the Mini Mes, especially with the unusual and handy spill proof lid which they liked to try. It pushes in to release the juice and then cuts the flow back off to stop leaks in bags - such a great idea for younger ones in particular! The drinks have
been scientifically proven to help support immune systems and with 100% natural contents, no added sugar or sweeteners I would purchase these again. Created by parents it's obvious to see they had children in mind when creating these.

Panda Drinks
We received a package filled with a fruity new range of drinks from Panda and with natural flavours, natural colours and no added sugar they were bound to get a thumbs up from me as a parent. The still flavoured water and juices come in raspberry, blackcurrant and orange & pineapple and are ideal for school or picnics at 250ml in size. You can also purchase the squash (summer fruits and tropical) in your local supermarket to dilute at home. The lid is easy to open and close, being a non detachable sports style cap, so little ones shouldn't have any issues getting a sip. They taste really nice without being too sweet and you can pick up a 6 pack for just £1.99 or the Panda Squash for 99p per litre in Tesco. I used to love Panda Pops as a child (jelly & ice cream and cherryade were my favourites) so it's nice to see them making a comeback in a healthier way for my own children.

Haliborange Multivitamins
It can be difficult at times to make sure your child has their 5 a day but Haliborange from Seven Seas are here to help ensure they at least get the recommended daily allowance of vitamins and minerals. Each of the 30 fruit shaped softies contain Vitamin A, B, C, D, B6 and B12, Niacin and also Pantothenic Acid. They are suitable for little ones over the age of three and taste pleasant so there shouldn't be any problems getting children to eat them. I was a little concerned however that the plastic pot doesn't have a safety cap but if kept out of reach, where they should be, they shouldn't be mistaken for sweets. A daily essential and adults can take them too!

Shaken Udder Milkshakes
The chocolate and strawberry flavours were a huge hit in particular and made from real chocolate and berries it's not surprising why; they taste delicious. I always struggle getting the Mini Mes to drink milk but they really enjoyed these as did I and the Mr. Made from 95% semi skimmed milk it's a great way to boost your dairy intake. I really liked the funky name and logo too, it really attracted the kids to them. You can purchase these in cartons or bottles and apart from the previously mentioned flavours there are banana and vanilla versions available too. Yum.

Concentrating on eating less fat and wanting to lose a few pounds, I've recently swapped some of our usual meat dishes to Quorn. It's a great way to get protein into your diet and it's lower in calories too. The website has some great recipe ideas to make the most of the products and we recently recreated the lasagne which was really nice. The Mini Mes didn't even notice the fact that we weren't eating beef as the look and texture are very similar. Bonus. I didn't even realise how versatile it is, you can literally use it in samosas, to stuff peppers, in tortillas and currys. Find a place for it on your meal plan, if you haven't yet. It's really affordable too which I didn't expect.

Old El Paso
I generally cook meals from scratch so I know exactly what goes into them, but I still have a few back up items in the cupboards for those nights when I don't have the time can't be bothered to spend ages in the kitchen. Old El Paso is a brand I often have stored away as we love their easy to use fajita and one pan rice kits. They have recently launched a new recipe mix range and each packed with herbs and spices so they really help to give your meals a flavour boost. We really enjoyed the warming paprika pack as it had medium heat so it was suitable for the entire family. You can find out further info and recipes on the website.

Sweetpea Pantry
We received the Grainy Brainy Pancakes, Ginger Giggles and Playful Pizza Dough bake-at-home mixes to try and I was really impressed. The taste and quality is superb and as they are so simple to do I was able to leave the Mini Mes to get creative totally unaided. Each pack makes a huge quantity (36 biscuits and 3 pizza bases) so even though they are a little more expensive than alternative kits they are certainly worth it. They also contain ingredients like buckwheat, rye, barley and flax to provide fibre into your diet. These would make great stocking fillers this Christmas or gift ideas for children's birthdays. They definitely get a thumbs up from us.

Cake Angels
Cake baking just got a whole lot more exciting! With Ice Cream Cone Cupcake kits, amazing sprinkle sets and decorations Cake Angels can transform your standard buns and muffins into something quite magical with very little effort at all. The Mini Mes had a go at a kit and they were a real success. The fact that they were different to standard kits made them far more appealing and they were really keen to be involved.

What are your family favourites?


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