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25 September 2014

A Hassle-Free Holiday With APH

There is nothing quite like packing a suitcase, getting a flight to somewhere hot with beautiful views and enjoying a well deserved break from the norm. The Mini Mes are in their element on a sandy beach and I am never as relaxed as I am when sat beside a pool, palm trees swaying in the warm breeze while sipping a cocktail (or two!) before sneaking off to scoff the all inclusive buffet. Getting to and from our destination always seems to be a bit of a mission though, something that would give Ethan Hunt a run for his money! With heavy bags and hand luggage, coats and important documents to hand the last thing you really want to do is drop your car off miles away, wait around for a bus and then struggle to get everything onboard (and off again) before arriving at the airport. 
It would be much easier to drive straight there and jump out wouldn't it.

We booked the Meet and Greet service through APH when travelling to Kefalonia recently and it lowered my stress levels no end. When we were around 15 minutes from Stanstead I gave them a quick call, as instructed, to let them know we would soon be arriving and they informed me exactly where to park for them to collect our Insignia. They were there, ready and waiting, to take our car to their allocated offsite bays so we were able to just get out, unload the boot and walk straight into the terminal while a smartly dressed male took care of our vehicle. We could then head for Costa the bar to enjoy ourselves in plenty of time before our flight. Simple. 

It was just as easy on the way back. After landing in the UK and clearing customs I gave them another call and within just a few minutes we had our car returned to us at the same drop off point. The female driver even assisted with our luggage which was kind and unexpected so we were able to get on the motorway and return home even quicker. I inspected the car and there was no mess or damage and the mileage was spot on. I did wonder if they might take it for a spin being shiny and new but there was no need to worry. I don't think I would ever use an alternative parking service again. It was just so affordable, fast and easy to book and the entire process was smooth and hiccup free. 

I'd recommend this service for families, those with disabilities, or those travelling early morning/very late at night for convenience and to reduce hassle when travelling. It would also be perfect for those with 20+ pairs of shoes crammed into a suitcase that is barely under the weight limit and bursting at the seams... mentioning no names *cough*.

Have you tried APH Meet and Greet yet?

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  1. That sounds great, it's always such a hassle if you park off site, having to find the enclosure and waiting for a minibus back, it's also great if you're running a bit late!


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