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14 January 2015

Hot Wheels Total Turbo Takeover

With over 10 feet of track and a die cast vehicle included, it's no wonder Jamster was pleased to see one of the latest Hot Wheels sets from Mattel arrive at the door. He has been a big fan of this range for years and has enjoyed reviewing the Triple Track Twister and 5-Lane Tower Starter Set previously while expanding his collection in the past.

Priced at around £39.99 and suitable for children age 3+, the Total Turbo Takeover is quite impressive and it spreads across the floor to play. Assembly took just 10 minutes due to the easy to follow instructions supplied and it it is great to know that there are enough pieces to build your own unique designs AND you can connect it to your existing sets.

Two batteries are required (unfortunately not supplied) to activate the booster for super speeds but the quick kick loops and pull back launcher also give cars a power up while moving around the long length track.

To add to the fun of the set, there are 3 giant boulders that will fall onto the track for near miss action when the vehicle passes below and releases them. There is also a pop up panel which springs into the air, again activated automatically from below when the car travels beneath.

Jamster really likes to see how close the objects get to the car for some amazing crashes!

 Jamster has had great fun with this (as has the Mr secretly). It's a good way to encourage creativity through play as he has enjoyed designing his own layouts and connecting his other sets for some rather large racing track creations. It does take up quite a lot of space and can be a little loud but it is just as easy to dismantle and store as it is to put together. It gets a thumbs up from us.

Do your children like Hot Wheels too?

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  1. I have girls but we often buy hotwheels for their cousin he loves them!

  2. My little boy already has this on his christmas wishlist as he plays with it in pre-school but this looks so cool so mummy may just have to play as well :P

  3. I got this for my girl just after Christmas.....It was reduced in Asda because the box was torn a little. I've put it away for her birthday! It looks like fantastic fun x

  4. I love the boulders! We've had tons of these sets and this track over the years, the kids all love them - but boulders is a new one on us :)


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