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06 August 2015

Planning the Perfect Family Vacation

Choosing what to do for your family holiday can be a difficult decision to make as there are so many types of offerings that all provide their own advantages. All inclusive vacations allow you to relax and not have to lift a finger while self-catering rentals give you a seclusion and ability to choose and cook your food when and how you want. So if you’re trying to decide what type of vacation best suits your needs, here are some tips to choosing the option that will make your vacation as fun as possible and help you avoid those holiday nightmares.


The option to self-cater your holiday can be a great one for couples and families alike, it is

dependent, however, on how much you value seclusion and flexibility over ease. For those whose idea of a perfect holiday is being left alone to deal with your own shopping, cooking, and cleaning, allowing you and your family to enjoy quality time alone, this might just be the option you’re looking for. These types of properties will vary from place to place, so be sure to check that the site has all the amenities that you want and need.


On the other end from the self-catering holiday option sits the all-inclusive, which has its distinct advantages, the main one being that all of the day-to-day chores you’re used to having to perform tend to be taken care of for you - cooking, cleaning etc. They also have the added advantage of bringing all of the major amenities you can think of like swimming pools, beaches, spas, gyms, restaurants etc directly to you. So if you’re looking for the type of holiday that will provide you the ultimate amount of relaxation and time away from the usual tasks that make up your life, an all-inclusive vacation just might be the thing you’re
looking for.


Half-board vacation options can come in the form of hotels, B&Bs, or even individual style cabanas or apartments, and they lie somewhere between the all-inclusive and the self-catering options. Although one might assume that these types of vacation experiences tend to serve up simple continental breakfasts and then send you on your way, there are actually plenty of options that can be found that are well known for their superb dining experiences, and feature both breakfast and dinners, allowing guests to sort themselves out for their lunch. If you’re looking for an option that will let you combine the advantages of eating well and being able to explore the local region on your own, this might be just what you’re looking for.

However you decide to spend your holiday, remember that it is important to research each individual accommodation, as they tend to have their own unique amenities.

Where are you going on holiday next?

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  1. British Seaside, a resort style holiday, I have a young baby so I thought this the best option for us at the moment


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