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27 February 2018

Costume Inspiration for World Book Day 2018

World Book Day, the time many children look forward to at school as they get to dress up and
celebrate their favourite books and characters! Celebrated in 100 countries around the world for
over 20 years, this year World Book day is scheduled for Thursday, March 1st. In other countries the
event is fittingly celebrated on April 23rd, William Shakespeare's birthday.

Paddington Bear

After the release of the second Paddington Bear film, the love of the book series was rekindled for
children, with many wanting to read the beloved books either for he first time or again. Paddington
bear is an easy to recreate costume for your little one this World Book day, as all you really need is a
red hat, a blue coat, red wellies and a suitcase if you want to be detailed. If you’re looking to create a
costume on a budget, then as far as cheap fancy dress costumes go Paddington is a great choice, as
not only can you create a great costume but you can achieve it without going over-board on the
pennies. Your little one can even get creative and make their own Paddington bear face mask, or you
could use face paint to add a little bear nose. No doubt once their ready your little one will look
adorable and be pleased with their effortless costume!

Where’s Wally

Where’s Wally is an age old favourite children’s book, and we’ve been looking for him since 1987!
Always a popular fun costume for world book day, Where’s Wally is a book character everyone will
recognise! No one will struggle to guess your character. Get the look for this World Book Day with a
simple blue-jeans, red and white striped top, red bobble hat and glasses combo and your child will
have endless fun and laughs at school. A popular game to play is real life Where’s Wally, where your
child and their friends can play hide and seek in the playground as they try to find their Wally.

Roald Dahl Characters

National treasure Roald Dahls’ beloved books have been enjoyed by generations. With so many well-
loved characters, there’s plenty of World Book Day inspiration for you child to work with! From ‘The
Enormous Crocodile’ to ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ to ‘James and the Giant Peach’! With so many looks to
create, you could opt for a simple crocodile suit with you could purchase from a kids fancy dress
retailer, or you could recreate a simple look such as fantastic Mr Fox and dress your child up in
clothing similar to Mr Foxes, and have them make their own fox mask or they could make their own
ears headband and use face paint to get a foxy nose and whiskers.

Peter Rabbit

Recently adapted into a live action and CGI movie, Beatrix Potter’s Classic Peter Rabbit is a story that many of us hold dear and have passed down the generations. The beloved rabbit has become a classically British icon, with his many books, his own animated children TV series, toys and now
movie, his classic blue jacket is renowned. Your little ones can easily create a Peter costume or
indeed are-create the look of one of his friends. They can make bunny ear head bands or masks, and
then all the need is a beige/brown coloured outfit before adding a blue jacket (for Peter Rabbit) or a
little red cape (for Flopsy Bunny) or a brown jacket and green hat (for Benjamin Bunny).

Harry Potter

A Family favourite, Harry Potter is a classic World Book Day get up and has been for many years
since the first book, The Philosophers Stone, was released. With the addition of new films such as
the Fantastic Beasts series, and now tourist attractions such as Harry Potter World, the book series
popularity is at an all time high and children are still enjoying the adventures of the wizarding world.
With the introduction of new characters such as Newt Scamander, there are more costume ideas
than ever, with usual popular costumes being Harry, Ron, Hermione, Hagrid, Luna and Dobby. Last
year a young school child went viral for his World Book Day costume effort as Hagrid, going to great
lengths wearing similar clothing and donning a big hairy wig and bushy beard. His look got a 10/10 at his school and from the thousands of people online who praised his costume after his parents
shared their pride in their sons costume online. However, if you want to try something new this year
we think dressing as Newt Scamander is a great idea! All you need is a long blue coat, yellow
waistcoat, blue bow tie, a yellow striped scarf, and of course your wand and magical briefcase!

What is your child's favourite book? 
What will they be dressing as this World Book Day?

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