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12 February 2018

Feel Good With Heart

The music you listen to can have such a big impact on your everyday mood. I have the radio on during the commute to and from school each day and I opt for tunes over the TV when working from home. Music is a big part of my life and I therefore choose to listen to Heart, the UK's biggest commercial radio brand, which provides feel good music to keep me smiling from dawn til dusk. If I pop out of the house I even leave it on for the dog to keep him company too! It's the happy soundtrack to our day.

Heart have created their #HeartFeelGoodChallenge this year which has inspired me to do something fun and active based on a favourite song of mine to boost my mood even further. Each time 'Shape of You' by Ed Sheeran is played it brings back some lovely memories of meeting my boyfriend for the first time, as it was released around the same time we met, and it reminds me of my admiration for his physique. Being in the military he is in very good shape and he is incredibly fit. The song lyrics 'I'm in love with your body' have since encouraged me to focus on myself a little bit more, in terms of my health and fitness, this January and I've been trying hard to love my own shape as much as I love his.

I've built up quite a collection of exercise DVDs so firstly I brushed the dust off (oops) from those and I've been doing anything between 20-60 minutes several times a week to increase my movement, which I've found so energising. My job is quite sedentary but with an office at home I've found it easy to make time around my work to squeeze a workout in. I've also been getting up from my desk and going for a wander to ensure I meet my 10,000 steps per day - it's nice to get a little fresh air. I'm not sure why I hadn't done this before!

I used to do kick-boxing as a teen which was something I really enjoyed so I felt that this was the perfect opportunity to pick up some new gloves - especially as boxing is part of the music video for my favourite song. I can now practice in the privacy of my own home to build up my stamina and confidence but I'm hoping that within a few weeks I'll be able to attend some clubs again and make it a regular activity. It will be a great way to meet new people and make some friends too.

A big part of keeping fit and healthy is keeping an eye on what you eat. I definitely have a sweet tooth and an obsession with Coca Cola (oops again) but a quick switch to the diet drink and keeping chocolate treats to a minimum has made a big difference already. I don't want to deprive myself completely of my favourite things, this could result in a massive binge at some point which wouldn't do me any favours, so I've made a few small changes for now which over time will have a BIG impact when I step on the scales. I've been really pleased with my progress so far and it’s only really been a matter of days.

Finding motivation to exercise can sometimes be difficult but research has shown that if you do something for 21 days it becomes habit - so hang on in there! I'm really looking forward to the warmer weather with the arrival of spring, when I find being active together as a family outdoors in the sunshine a lot easier, but in the meantime I've compiled a few tips that may help to keep you focused if you too have intentions of editing your eating or increasing your exercise for this month and beyond:

Don't be too hard on yourself
If the new year means intentions of enduring a detox, planning to alter your diet or visions of joining a gym to improve your overall well-being then just do your best. Having a bad day isn't the end of the world if you get back up and back on track when you can. Be kind to yourself and you will reach your goal in time.

Be organised
Don't let a lack of time hinder your efforts. You may wonder how you can adapt your schedule to get all of your activities in around your work and family commitments but it's easier than you think if you're organised. If you don't have a full hour to yourself then break the time up into 20 minute intervals if you need to or get up a little earlier in the morning if you can. When you begin to see the results you will know that it's worth it.

Cheap and cheerful
January can be tough on many financially, recovering from the expense of Christmas, but you don't need to spend lots of money on memberships to get fit. Water bottles can be used as weights and you can use your stairs if you fancy a step class which of course are FREE. Make use of the resources you have to hand.

Keep track
Seeing your progress, even over a short period of time, can be really motivating. Some people like to weigh themselves or you might notice that you feel fitter, stronger and healthier. It can spur you on through any difficult days.

Reward yourself
When you stick with your plan and reach the goals set then ensure you reward yourself for your hard work - you deserve it. This doesn't have to be in the form of food or drink, you could opt for a beauty treatment, a new outfit, a trip to a theme park or whatever else will keep you on the right road.

Why not listen to Heart and see which feel good song inspires you to try something new too? Perhaps Lady GaGa's 'Just Dance' will encourage you to take a new class or Rita Ora's 'Anywhere' will get you to travel and explore somewhere exciting. Heart plays classics from the 90s and 00s right through to the latest chart music and with its warm and friendly presenters there's something uplifting for everyone.

Which song and activity would you choose?

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  1. Music can be so inspiring and I think it's great that you've used it to get healthy. Great tips too


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