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26 July 2019

Men’s Warmer Weather Clothing Trends for Spring/Summer 2019

With the warmer weather finally upon us and here to stay (fingers crossed), it's a great time to think about updating your wardrobe for the new season. Generally I will purchase a few keys pieces which I can mix and match, whilst clinging on to a couple of old favourite items, whilst the Mini Mes tend to opt for trusty jeans, funky print tees and some new footwear. It's usually the man in my life I really struggle to buy for! 

This year however I've been investigating the catwalk trends for men and hopefully these ideas will give you some fashion inspiration too. Most items you can pick up fairly cheaply and quickly from large retailers, like Jacamo, and they're practical to wear for everyday family life as well.

Cargo pants and shorts

Cargo pants have been an essential for most men for decades and there's a reason for this - they're comfortable and they have plenty of pockets! As a busy parent wearing something casual is often key, especially with toddlers on the go, and when it's too hot for a jacket men can store their keys and wallet away safely in their trousers instead. Try to get the three-quarter length and short versions this spring and team them with a t-shirt for an informal yet cool look that can be carried through until summer. 

Elegant lightweight suits

At the other end of the spectrum are lightweight suits in elegant cuts. These are ideal to wear to a spring or summer wedding in particular, ensuring every man remains smart without overheating. Keep an eye out for suits that are designed to be worn without a traditional shirt - the bare chest suit is possibly a step too far for many but you can expect to see more gents wearing t-shirts under their jackets instead.

Sage is the colour for men

The dominant colour on the catwalk for spring is sage. Look out for lightweight jumpers, hoodies, and sweatshirts that can easily be paired with either a pair of dark or light jeans. These are ideal for the cooler evenings in the garden or park, walks on the beach when the wind is still lurking and for any spring showers (it is England after all!). Long sleeved cotton tops are also a great buy.

Eighties-era logo t-shirts

For both men’s and women’s fashion, the 80s trend continues so expect to see plenty of rock band tops in stores, which are often over sized. The hologram logo T-shirt by Gucci was particularly well received, so you can expect to see that look filtering through to the High Street soon.

Suede loafers are set to dominate

When it comes to footwear, suede loafers appear to be a popular choice this year. Although they may not be ideal for rainy days, it is quite easy to waterproof a pair of suede shoes. White trainers are always handy to have to hand too and go well with most outfits.

What will you be wearing this season? 
If you have any fashion advice or tips feel free to comment below!

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  1. Some top tips for men's fashion, my husbands summer wardrobe needs an overhaul so this will be helpful

  2. I would love to buy some clothes for my husband but I don't think he would ever let me!

  3. Nathan has been trying to lose weight recently so I'm (hopefully) going to have to buy him some new clothes soon. Thank you for sharing your ideas :)

    Louise x

  4. I don't know much about men's fashion but I love men's shirts.

  5. I buy all of my partners clothes, he literally wouldn't buy himself a thing if I didn't.

  6. My husband and elder boys love cargo pants / shorts - much cooler than jeans

  7. I've been looking at men's fashion for my boyfriend, it seems so all over the place at the moment! I do however, like the sound of these trends! xo

  8. My husband hates buying new clothes but really needs an update!

  9. I approve. My husband doesn't know yet that he is going to be changing his wardrobe.

  10. Good read! My eldest teen would be keen on some of this!

  11. I love dressing my man. Who doesn't!

  12. I wish my other half would wear something other than shorts and a T shirt all year round!

  13. great post with some inspiration for my husband :D

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