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15 April 2021

Photography Advice for Your Big Day

Picking the perfect photographer for your wedding is essential because after the day has come to an end the pictures are one of the few things left to remind you of your special celebration. You want the moments captured to be beautiful, reflect the mood and bring back the rush of emotions felt each and every time you look at them. 

I married just over a year ago and from my own experience I have a few additional tips, relating to wedding photography, which may help any bride or groom to be...

My wedding bouquet

  • If everyone sits with their phones and cameras snapping away during your vows, the professional photographer will have trouble capturing pictures of your guests - they are likely to have their faces hidden with whatever device they have to hand. Picture taking can also be noisy and distracting which you really don't want on your big day when nerves are already running high! It might be worth popping up a sign at the entrance to your ceremony to ensure the only photos being taken at this point are by the person you hired. This is something we did and it enabled everyone to be fully focused on the event itself.

  • Having a wedding hashtag means it's easy to find related pictures on social media but a wedding app, like Wedding Photo Swap, is a great idea too for wedding photo sharing. Guests can pool their pics in one place and it prevents any issues with private accounts preventing access. You could print a QR code which guests can scan to download the app on the day or mention it beforehand on your wedding website and invites.

  • If you have children attending the wedding, place some disposable cameras on their tables and provide a checklist that they can work through during the day. Not only will this keep them entertained but it's always nice to have the pictures developed and see the day through a child's eyes. You can find wedding photo checklists over on Pinterest to print for free or make your own. Pinterest is also ideal for general inspiration and wedding aesthetic ideas, floral arrangements and as a place to find a prom dress to suit your bridesmaids if you want less formal and lower cost attire for your wedding party.

  • When planning the schedule for your wedding day, try to ensure your professional group photos are taken straight after the ceremony. This makes it easier to find relatives and friends to have their picture taken, who may otherwise be dancing the night away or a little worse for wear from a few trips to the bar!

  • Having a polaroid camera or photo booth along with a collection of props will make your guest book that little more fun and interesting. Guests will really enjoy dressing up, taking photos and sticking them down beside their messages as a wonderful keepsake. Anything that makes weddings a little more interactive will usually be appreciated. 

What advice do you have to add?

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